Caring for our Common Home: An exploration into Pope Francis’ eco-spiritual call to action

One of the biggest challenges in carrying out Pope Francis’s recommendations is that the sacred texts used in monotheism are based on a world view of the historical period called the Monumental Stage by Joseph Campbell.

During that period, our Earth was not yet known to be a planet turning on an axis and in orbit.

The present is a time called World Culture. Our planet is surrounded by stars on all sides. We live in the arm of a galaxy that since 1992, we know is full of more planets. As late as 1991 we only knew of 8 planets and Pluto.
Terms like ‘Maker of Heaven and Earth’ no longer match our cosmos.

The universe of our Ancestors was a very small place.

This is a time of great opportunity as we imagine the sacredness of Our Common Home.

Come enjoy the fellowship, songs, story-telling, teaching and sharing of this Crown Point Offering


Christopher Reynolds, M. Ed, is a singer, teacher and holistic healer. His mission is to sing the dream of Earth onward through songs, writings, ritual, healing concerts and workshops. He is a singer-songwriter with 15 CD’s. His roots are in the Catholic tradition, but he is able to build connecting bridges of inclusivity in braided traditions. Because of his close intentional ties with the Lakota and multiple cultures, he has a deep respect for indigenous communities and their traditions. Thus, he is ordained in a spiritual tradition and also trained in sweat lodge and sacred pipe.

He taught high school French for 30 years and was world language department chair in Berea City Schools. He is the lead author on the only publications on depth psychology, soul, creativity and giftedness. He is also published in organic creativity in the language classroom. He is the founder of Earthbriety and Ethical Music. He is a co-founder of archetypal ecology.
In addition to Crown Point, Chris works with HeartSpace UCC, Warriors Journey Home,
Ashland University, Ursuline College

In addition to Crown Point, Chris works with HeartSpace UCC, Warriors Journey Home, Ashland University and Ursuline College..

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