Dinner with the Expert: Eat Well, Be Well


The fourth event in our healthy dinner series, in partnership with Mustard Seed Market and Cafe,  will be led by Dr. Riffat Qadir, MD,  who practices Functional Medicine, Wellness, and Allergy at Innovative Health & Longevity, where she incorporates both conventional and integrative approaches to medicine into patient care.

The evening’s discussion will highlight the relationship between inflammation, food choices and chronic disease including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autism, depression, dementia, autoimmunity and allergy.

The conventional approach to inflammation attempts to turn it off by using medications to suppress the immune system.  These medications can help to decrease symptoms temporarily but do not address the underlying cause/s of the inflammation and often lead to side effects.   This is like taking an aspirin for the pain, while standing on a tack.   The underlying cause/s of the inflammation must be determined in order to put out the inflammatory fire.   Our diet can be a leading cause of the fire of inflammation and by changing it we can put this fire out.

Our daily stress level, diet, amount of rest and exercise, as well as social and family support systems are all important determinants of health. By incorporating nutrition, diet, exercise and stress management in other lifestyle factors into her treatment plans, Dr. Qadir helps patients optimize their potential for true recovery and well-being.

According to Dr. Qadir, “ultimate healing occurs from within. I am honored and privileged to serve as a facilitator in this process. In fulfilling this role my goal is to provide compassionate state-of-the-art care. There is a long gap between emerging research in basic and clinical sciences, and its integration into medical practice – as long as 30 years – particularly in the area of complex, chronic illness. I incorporate findings from the latest emerging basic and clinical science research to help patients regain health and vitality.”

Modern medicine and surgery have a lot to offer, but the human element in the doctor-patient relationship remains at the heart of healing. I approach each patient as a unique and whole individual, not an isolated diseased organ. Healing is an active process for the patient; my role is to guide and facilitate. I believe the physical, psychological and spiritual state of the patient must be taken into consideration to optimize healing and recovery from illness.

Mustard Seed Market & Café is the largest locally-owned retailer of natural, organic, and healthy lifestyle products in Ohio. They’ve been part of the community since 1981, with two locations in Akron and one in the Cleveland suburb of Solon. A locally-owned family business, their specialty is high quality natural and organic foods, natural health and beauty products, with education and information regarding food issues and good practices.


Bookings are closed for this event.