Love from the Farm & Strawberries

I like the saying “Don’t buy Food from Strangers.”
We feel your friendship when you make it out to the farm and talk to us. We work the soil and plant the plants, and you eat our food. How cool is that? We are connected through the nourishment that our land provides us.
Our relationship is uncommon to be sure.  We write to you, extend invitations to on-farm events, share recipes, photos, concerns, thoughts and happenings. We want you to feel nourished, included and connected to your food. At Crown Point Ecology Center, we believe the care of our earth, of our community and our own bodies and spirit are all one and the same.  People don’t often think of farmers as innovators and leaders – but we are, and so are you!

Roni Pasi, Farm Manager, plants strawberries on an unseasonably warm February day.

We hope that with every CSA pick-up you will experience more than the beautiful colors and fresh taste of our produce. Crown Point food is grown with love and care, and we put a little bit of that into every carrot, every lettuce. Our commitment even extends to each little bird that flies over our fields. We hope you are indeed healthier and happier knowing the people who grew your food did it with loving intention. We feel providing you with our harvest share is more than a sale, it is a partnership.   We are grateful to have people like you appreciate who we are and what we are offering.  Thank You!

This week, we are welcoming old and new members to sign up for our 2017 growing season CSA shares. If you did not already save your spot, you can do so now by following this link to easily sign-up on line.
If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, and remember that you will receive a beautiful, all natural, canvas market bag as a hearty thank you.
Thank you for partnering with us for a successful growing season,
Monica Bartlesman-Bongue, PhD.
Executive Director
“Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature is a help.  Gardening is an instrument of grace.” 
May Sarton

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