Shared Meals and Social Change

Summer is a time to enjoy the perfume of freshly mowed grass, the song of crickets on hot muggy nights, the moon that rises and the rain that falls.  The heat of the summer also seems to bring out the worst in us, the riots and the hate.  This summer has been challenging. We are in a season of divisiveness, of confusion, of lies and half-truths.
Who do we believe?  Who do we like? Who are we?
If you’re feeling unsettled by these questions, I challenge you to let the beautiful summer days be a time to surround yourself with people who are different than you, not just in color, age and gender but also in ideology.  Food can be a means of social change, bringing people together in a way that few other things can do. During the month of August, find ways to gather with friends and also with “strangers” to share food and cook a meal of understanding.


A few weeks ago, we welcomed Local Abundance Kitchen to Crown Point, for the most beautiful outdoor cooking class in our outdoor kitchen. Iraqi asylee, Eman, cooked 3 traditional dishes on the cob oven and rocket burners. Guests had the opportunity to chop, stuff, knead and connect through cooking, before taking a brief farm tour and then sitting down to share delicious picnic meal. Participants in the class left with their stomachs and spirits filled, and we look forward to hosting more cross-cultural experiences like this in the future.




Sharing a meal is undoubtedly one of the best ways for us to all come together, so I encourage you to make time for this in your own life while the weather encourages us to be outside and social. Nature easily shares with us in this warm season. The fruits of our labor are ready to be plucked from the vine or yanked from the soil. When all is green and growing, seedlings are turning into flowers and food. These are the miracles of life, painted large across the land, revealing how we are all connected through the earth we depend on.  We are the painters of this canvas, let it be our goal to coexist in a dignified way, in harmony with nature and other human beings.

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