Ten Tips for a “Green” Holiday Season

For many of us, the quiet winter months are a time for reflection. We can be givers to the earth by modeling sustainable living, by limiting our consumption of unnecessary things and sharing our many resources with others. This holiday season, connect with nature, buy your holiday meal from your local farmers and enjoy time with your family and friends.

Harper Frenchs, granddaughter of Crown Point board member, David Simpson, enjoying holiday festivities in the Crown Point Century Barn.

As you embrace the beauty of the season, here are some “green ideas” for celebrating:
  • Go for a hike.
  • Participate in a bird count.
  • Plant a tree to replace the one you cut.
  • Decorate outdoors with food for the birds.
  • Make gifts.
  • If you buy, buy less, buy smart and think green.
  • Look for locally made gifts, upcycled gifts, gifts made from recyclable materials, and don’t be afraid to re-gift.
  • Wrap gifts in cloth, or newspaper, paper bags, or anything that is beautiful, thoughtful and environmentally friendly.
  • Consider the impact of Christmas lights and try to reduce energy use.
  • Recycle your tree; live trees can be planted, cut trees can be mulched and composted, and artificial trees can be recycled.
With Gratitude and Kind Regards,
Monica Bongue-Bartelsman, Ph.D.
Executive Director

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