Top 6 Benefits of Community Supported Agriculture

The fields may be covered in snow, but our farmers are already busy preparing for this year’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Our CSA shareholders are investors in the fresh, local, organic food movement. By helping us pay for seeds and supplies up front, you’ll receive 20 weeks of fruits and vegetables during harvest season.

Wondering is a CSA is right for you?  Here are the Top 6  reasons to join:

  1. TASTE → Everyone should experience the high-quality flavor that comes from produce picked from a local farm. Foods shipped to Ohio from other parts of the country and world just can’t compete.
  2. VARIETY → Participating in CSA means enjoying  and learning about foods that may not be part of your typical diet. It’s a perfect way to try new recipes and break up the monotony of meal planning. 
  3. KNOWLEDGE → You’ll have a better understanding of what grows when in northeast Ohio. This will make you more in tune with how the seasons and weather align with local agriculture.
  4. ORGANIC → Our crops are grown without the use of pesticides that are harmful to our environment
  5. COST → We don’t take your whole paycheck. Crown Point’s CSA is offered at an affordable price.
  6. NO PLASTIC– Use our beautiful cloth tote (or your own boxes and bags) to be part of the solution to our plastic pollution problem. Avoiding unnecessary food packaging is one of the easiest ways to decrease consumption of this non-renewable resource. 

Ready to join the movement? If you sign up by Feb. 23 (National CSA Day), you’ll get a free tote bag. Crown Point members receive a 10 percent discount on CSA shares.


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