Changing weather is simple, and it’s that hard

March, muddy March, a bridge between winter and spring. Green things start popping out of the soil and the urge to go out and dig in the mud becomes irresistible.
Spring comes far too soon, before we have had a chance to rest our bodies and spirit in the winter quiet.  We’re often pivoting between the depths of Winter and the start of Spring.
Tonight I will cook a comforting soup using the butternut squashes harvested last fall and the new spring onions popping out through the snow. Like farmers, they are defiant and fearless – knowing that it is only a few more weeks when we will be basking in the sun and enjoying the spring rains.
One of our high tunnels blew in the strong winds two days ago. While the plastic was flapping in the wind the herb, vegetable and flower seedlings kept growing undisturbed by the commotion in the greenhouse next to the now empty ground.
We protect our peppers seeds from the critters that like to eat them, put our chickens away at night, play with the kitty and keep on coming to the farm. We keep planting little seeds in trays, mulching our new strawberry field, measuring fields, planning, hoping, like farmers always hope, for the promise of spring.
This growing season will not blow us away like a high tunnel in the wind, we have the support of our volunteers and members that anchor our organization.
Thank you for being a part of the foundation that sustains us.

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