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    • Pollination: What’s all the buzz about?

      It is National Pollinator Week! We at Crown Point Ecology Center are committed to become a model of habitat management practices that help pollinator species thrive. With the help of students from Our Lady of the Elms, we have expanded our pollinator-friendly flower gardens and crops. Support from the USDA NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Programs) is helping us increase habitat for the Monarch butterfly with milkweed plantings and other pollinators with mixed cover crops and pollinator gardens. Thank you to everyone who donated to our pollinator ...Read more →

    • June Challenge: Be a part of nature

      We are not observers of nature, we are participants. This month’s sustainability challenge is an easy one since you have no choice: Be a part of nature.  The challenge is to reflect and understand what your role is and should be. Have you ever heard of the secret Thorntown? You can still find the ruins of this lost town in a mysterious farmland in Ohio. Large flat rocks, an old farm gate, old scraps of lumber and small sprouts of multiflora rose can be found ...Read more →

    • May Challenge: Start Your Garden

      “Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace.” — May Sarton The beautiful orange azaleas that somebody planted a long time ago in front of my office window inspire me and bring me joy. I challenge you to plant a garden for yourself and future generations.  In April I told you to be lazy and hold off on your spring cleaning to let the dormant creatures ...Read more →

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[NEW POST] Pollination, What's All the Buzz About? It's National Pollination Week!

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