CSA Program

Being a shareholder in a CSA isn’t the right choice for everyone. Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if joining a CSA makes sense for you and your family.

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  1. Do you (and your family) like to eat vegetables?   If you like to eat a lot of vegetables, getting a CSA might be a good idea. And this means, a lot of veggies. Many families with children (or adult picky eaters) find that they may need to be creative in order to get the whole family on board with the CSA share.
  2. Do you like variety?   We grow over 50 different kinds of vegetables, which includes everyone’s favorites, but also includes some lesser known crops as well. The successful CSA sharer can get excited about learning how to prepare new foods, as well as the old standbys.
  3. Do you like (and have time) to cook?   Many of the vegetables in the share can be eaten raw, such as in salads, but a lot are best cooked. It can be a big responsibility to make sure you are making good use of the share, which also means sometimes freezing, dehydrating, and perhaps even canning some of the food. It is for this reason that we recommend a biweekly share, or splitting a share with another household, for anyone who is brand new to CSAs.
  4. Do you like finding or making up new recipes?  We provide recipes and tips in the weekly e-newsletter, and archive recipes on our website, but we also trust that sharers are open to searching out their own recipes as well.
  5. Do you have neighbors or friends who like vegetables?   There might be times when you go out of town, or, when your share is so big, you might not be able to get through it all. It can sometimes be helpful to have a coworker, neighbor or friend come by and take a few pounds off your hands.
  6. Are you excited to eat seasonally?  We grow according to the seasons, which means expect more greens in the spring when it’s cool and days are short, and expect the colorful tomatoes and peppers later on in the summer. Sometime, eating seasonally means eating patiently!
  7. Do you want to be connected to the source of your food?  If it matters to you that you know the name of the carrot variety you ate in your salad, or that you picked those cherry tomatoes yourself, or that your children got to watch a praying mantis while picking husk cherries, then joining our CSA might be the right thing for you.
If you answered yes to most of these questions, a CSA might be perfect for your household. If you answered “no” to more than a few questions, you might find that frequenting the local farmers markets will be the best choice for your family.

Crown Point is a proud participant in a national trend towards eating locally. We have a 100+ family Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program that links consumers directly to our farm and the produce we grow.


Families pay a flat fee in the beginning of the year, when the farmers need the money for purchasing seeds and supplies and hiring help. In exchange for this support, the shareholders receive a weekly portion of freshly harvested, certified-organic produce throughout the harvest season



  • Local, fresh, organic produce at an affordable price
  • A strong connection with the food and those who grow it.
  • A more diverse diet that contains real food.
  • Produce that is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals that leave harmful residues.
  • Satisfaction in knowing your support helps the survival of an endangered American institution — the small, diversified farm.USDA-Organic-Seal

CSA Shareholders assume the risks of each growing season such as drought, too much rain, unanticipated insect pressure, etc. However, we carefully plan a diverse portfolio of crop varieties to ensure a plentiful harvest, even when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.